April 9, 2011

Karaoke Contest at Plaza Luna

You are invited to participate in the 1st Karaoke Contest at Plaza Luna.

Rules for participation:

* Any resident of SL can participate regardless of language spoken.

*You can use the stream, play your own music with an instrument, or use music that you have recorded that will play over SL voice.

* The contest will take place in four rounds:
1st: Friday, April 29th (Pop, rock, salsa)
2nd: Friday, May 06th (Ballads, reggaeton, English language music)
3rd: Friday, May 13th (Mariachi, banda, northern regional)
4th: Friday, May 20th (Open musical style and theme assigned by drawing)

In the case of a non-Spanish speaking participant, music style will be from their country or region.

Every Friday, two participants will be nominated to leave the contest. The nomination will be made by the judges and those participants will have a week to get votes from their friends. The person with the least amount of votes will be eliminated.

If a participant misses one of the weeks, they will be automatically disqualified.

The winner will be determined through a combination of popular votes and votes from the judges.

First place: L$5000
Second Place: L$3000
Third place: L$1500

To register, please send a notecard to Malu Zhao.

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