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July 25, 2011

TB Andel Every Tuesday in Plaza Luna

Lindens for Language and Instituto Espanol proudly present Live from Plaza Luna...TB Andel. TB Andel's style of World Music is based on Portuguese Folk Music with a touch of Jazz, Fado, Arabic, and Afro music. Played with a hand crafted electric ukulele bringing great clarity with the love of music he brings to all listening.

A unique and incredibly fun show, please join us at Plaza Luna.
Every Tuesday in Plaza Luna at 6:00 pm SLTEnlace

July 19, 2011

Intercambio Practice Spanish-English

4 pm SLT Mondays
7 am SLT Tuesdays

Intercambio es una oportunidad de encontrar a otros estudiantes para practicar inglés y español en un ambiente informal con chat de voz. El reto del Intercambio está en que los participantes se sientan cómodos en arriesgarse a hablar con los demás. Estudiantes de cualquier nivel de competencia en inglés o español serán bienvenidos.

Intercambio is an opportunity to practice speaking English and Spanish with others in an informal setting via voice chat. The goal is that participants feel comfortable taking the risk to speak with others. Students of any level of proficiency in English or Spanish are welcome.

Organizer: Azucena Villota
Plaza Luna : Instituto Espanol

Weekly Events Schedule

Plaza Luna

6:00 pm SLT : TB Andel Portuguese folk Music with Electric Ukelele and acoustic guitar.

6:00 pm SLT: Dj Juan Marrero (Cubanito) The best Salsa Music.

4:00 pm SLT: Dj Ruby Tunez ; latin music, bachata, reggeaton, pop.
6:00 pm SLT: Dj Kamilo; latin music merengue, pop, electronic.
8:00 pm SLT: Dj Posesiva Ella; Mexican music, regional, spanish pop, colombian cumbia.
10:00 pm SLT: Arimo Teixeira; The Blue Bandito. Spanish style guitar, native americana and bandito blues.

11:00 am SLT: Joaquin Gustav: acoustic guitar, tango, boleros.
6:00 pm SLT: Karaoke:
practice your Spanish, singing.

5:00 pm SLT: Dj Ray Trafalgar; Gringo in Paradise.

Only in Plaza Luna