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May 14, 2016

Can Empire.Kred help independant Spanish teachers find new students?

If you are an independant Spanish teacher always poking around social media looking to attract new students, I have an idea for you.

Empire.Kred is a social media platform used by thousands to boost and analize social media performance. The platform has been gamified to make it a quite interesting place to hang out. You owe it to yourself to investigate.

Below is an essay regarding a membership promotion and prize package being offered for the next two weeks that gives new members an instant elite status. You won't understand much in the essay. All the more reason to come see what we do. I've been playing for six years. It's fun and definitely gives my social media ranking a big boost.

If you do give us a visit on Empire.Kred, please come say hello. We are the ticker (e)IESL. I've got some tricks up my sleeve to help Spanish teachers and I'd be thrilled to give you a hand.

"Why I joined Empire.Kred Leaders, and why you should too."

I joined Leaders because, being an ancient player, I didn't think I could stay competitive on the Business Leaders Board if I didn't. While that might seem shallow, it was not difficult to see that the Leaders investment would be a big savings overall because I was frequently in the shop to pick up products like Bigger Piece of the Pie and Even More Dessert anyway.

Aside from staying competitive and saving money are the Leader perks of double daily dividends from others in the Leaders group, a generous mission bonus that pays a premium for participating in the other leaders missions, and frequent Shop discounts only available to Leaders.

The last reason I joined Leaders was not to lose access to the forum discussion which I read daily. Before Leaders the Empire Avenue forum was open to all to read and comment. The Leaders member group is private, and to be honest, is where the most pertinent discussion about Empire business takes place.

You should join Leaders for all of the above plus four significant other factors.

First, is that Sir Rudiger Esquirel sets milestones for the Leaders group, and we are closing in on one that we have been working on for a while, 1100 Leaders. When we reach these goals Kred lets the squirrel and the kritters out to play, and they will likely go nearly insane with games and gifts. The squirrel will give away a prize package that will surely be juicy. There are only about a dozen or so more members needed until the party begins. Act soon or get shut out.

Secondly, it would not be an uncommon practice that Leader membership be suspended for some time after hitting a new milestone. I have no idea what Kred plans but I would not be a bit surprised if the Leader membership opportunity is closed at 1100 until such time as Kred thinks through a new membership milestone and the timing for a new membership drive. Act soon. It could be the last opportunity for a while.

Thirdly, Leaders are getting richer faster than non leaders, for all the reasons I mentioned for why I joined. These advantages allow them to better fund missions, more deeply invest into the dividend paying player pool, and have to spend much less time fundraising. Not to mention that it's an exponentially more fun game to play once you are rich.

Lastly, many of these rich leaders are playing hard on the investment and stock market side of the game. They will pounce on new Leader shares. Just think it though. In the instant that you click the pay button for the Leader package, you become doubly more valuable to the investment minded. Another non-leader whose social media scores, share price, etc are twice better than yours, you are now instantly equal to.

Concluding, I will tell you that I'm not a rich guy. The Leader's package is a chunk of change and I can remember eating rice and beans for a month while I put the budget back together after buying my Leaders package. I have never regretted it once.

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