December 7, 2015

Can Empire.Kred Help Virtual World Content Creators?

Empire.Kred is a social media scoring engine with a gamification twist. If you are unfamiliar with social media scoring systems, Klout is probably the industry standard. These scoring engines use enormous databases of social media participants and a variety of algorithms to arrive at scores that users can then use to compare their social media performance against other folks overall and in their sectors of influence. Kred is an Australian based competitor of Klout. In 2015, Kred acquired a smaller social media scoring engine called Empire Avenue. The Empire Avenue gaming format has been retained by Kred and I'd like virtual world content creators to take a look.

EmpireKred has gamified social media scoring by twisting in a replicated stock market. Players earn game currency called Eaves (much like a Linden Dollar but with no cash value)from dividend income created by investments that they make in the stock portfolios of the other players. Participants then continue to increase wealth by reinvesting their earnings in the membership or by spending their profits on a product called missions. Missions are a request that other players will visit your website, blog, g+, Youtube, flickr, instagram, pinterest, etc, and interact with likes, comments, votes, retweets, etc, when they visit your destination. You create a mission by spending some of yours Eavs and publishing a description of what you'd like the other members to do. These players then earn their Eav reward by accepting your mission with a click that sends them to whatever it is that you want them to see.

I have been a participant in Empire Avenue, and now Empire Kred for the past 5 years. I have created enormous wealth in the game and hover in the top 15 businesses on the leaderboards. I think other virtual world content creators could enjoy a similar success. I use Empire.Kred to promote my Spanish School in Second Life. There are other notable virtual world practitioners with Empire.Kred accounts as well, including a few household names in their specialties.

Virtual world content creators have become savvy in the use of social media to promote their virtual products. Facebook fan pages and spam groups, tweets, g+, flickr, blogs, and web pages abound. The combination of virtual world skills and social media know how makes for a perfect fit for Empire.Kred. New players who arrive to the Empire with impressive social media experience become instant darlings of the investor clan because they pay dividends right away. Those high marks in social media will make it possible to create game wealth more rapidly, which in turn creates the cash flow for a missions budget. Missions amplify your traffic and reputation. I'm explaining that virtual world content creators who already have impressive social media resumes have a huge leg up at Empire.Kred.

My immense in game wealth affords me the opportunity to extend a pretty extraordinary type of assistance to the virtual world content creators, and I have an interesting plan for how to increase our influence even more through Empire.Kred. I'll announce the details in January so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want to go poke around, Empire.Kred. For great beginner tips and support join the community group Welcome Wagon. The very first things to do are to upload a profile pick and connect your social media networks. Have fun exploring and you'll be hearing from me after the holidays.

Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo


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